wedding photography east sussex
wedding photographer east sussex

Wedding Photographer East Sussex

Beautiful, Elegant & Timeless Photography.

A very warm welcome to my website, my name is Dee and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Crowborough, East Sussex.  My geographical reach is nationwide, particularly all of London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Essex.

My clients book me for my beautiful, elegant and timeless photography. My style is very natural and more about you looking and feeling like yourself and less about posing uncomfortably.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photographing people. When I was younger I would head down to the coast and just take pictures of people. I find people and relationships absolutely fascinating and creating long lasting memories for everyone I photograph  is an honour.

Helping people to look and feel their very best in front of the camera is my goal for my clients, and it’s what motivates me. At weddings I love the candid moments. I love letting the action unfold and blending into the background to record everything on camera. My personal highlights of wedding days are the preparation stages and the bride and groom portraits. The bride and groom prep is a magical time of fun, laughter, nerves and excitement.  DOWNLOAD WEDDING BROCHURE HERE.

I love being able to capture all of these emotions for you. Likewise the portraits are such a special time and I really do consider it to be an honour to capture those special moments for you. I would be honoured if you would consider me as your photographer so please click the link below to come and read more about me, what I do and explore the options for your photography.

wedding photography east sussex

Wedding Photography East Sussex

Everyone is Photogenic, provided they are allowed to be themselves.

I’m known for beautiful, elegant and timeless photography that you’ll fall in love with.  I will achieve this for you with my photography style being more natural and less posed, because we all look and feel our best when we are relaxed and natural.

Most people tell me they’re not photogenic or they don’t like their photo being taken.  If I had a penny every time……….  The truth is, people don’t like to feel uncomfortable, or be made to pose a certain way that doesn’t feel natural to them.  I believe everyone is photogenic, as long as they are allowed to be themselves.

I do plan my shoots like a military operation, but I ensure the whole process for you runs like a breeze.

So whenever I deliver the end result, all of my couples, people, families love what they see; and can’t believe how easy and enjoyable the experience was for them.

wedding photographer east sussex

Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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Telephone +44 (0)7733 207272

Dee Luci Photography Ltd

East Sussex, United Kingdom

My Clients love the end result.

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