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I met up with Olivia and Daniel today and……….oh my goodness! So young, so beautiful.  They’re both from London and I dragged them out to Kent. I know I know, us photographers normally go out to our clients, but today in the autumn/winter transition, I could think of nowhere better than Kent to do their engagement shoot.

It was cold today, but did they notice? Cuddling up and keeping each other warm……..I don’t think they noticed.  Both of them are dog lovers too – so you’ll notice my little German Schnauzer ‘Bertie’ in one or two shots.  These two were so easy to work with. It was all in a dog walk. What can be better than walking our dog and, oh, following around two gorgeous people and taking their photos.

I deliberated and cogitated today. Are couples getting more beautiful or ….. have we just broken all the photography rules? Gone are the days where you “..must stand up straight”, “….must look at the camera”, “……must smile at the photographer”, etc. We don’t take photos anymore (well I don’t think I do anyway), we capture moments. Really precious moments. Love it!

  Love Dee xx



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I don’t normally have my picture taken.  But I look at the ones Denise has taken and I think “wow, I look great! How did she do that?”


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