The Importance of Wedding Photography – Part 2

Happy new year everyone! Are you in the midst of planning? And have you booked your wedding photography?

Meet Annie and Benjamin. She’s an amazing dancer from Kent and he’s from London studying law. Very young, but look how beautiful. They won’t mind me telling you, this one’s on a budget – it can be done!

Whether you’re able to spend £25,000 on your wedding or if you’re pulling it all together on a tight budget; whether you have 100 guests or 3……. it can be equally as stunning. Something many couples do if they’re on a budget is throw away the idea of the wedding photography. The very same if it’s a tiny wedding or if they don’t think much of their venue. No no no no no I say! These are very precious memories! I’ve heard it so many times……. “my friends can take photos on their phones..”, or “…I have a mate who has a camera..”, or “we won’t need photos, we’ll have our memories”.  To think you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a dress, suit, cake, flowers….., you name it. It’s easier said than done to hold on to the look and feel of these memories in your head, and all the detail and little things that will make your wedding so special. When the alcohol starts to flow and you’re hoping your friends take good photos all day long…………….ooh dear. Photographic memories are so precious and life long.

Look at these two. Annie looks absolutely stunning and Ben so dashing – like something out of a movie – all on a budget. Don’t panic – it’s okay for me to tell you. Annie has a parasol at £3.99, a shrug at £6.90 and a dress at £28 – all from Amazon! Her shoes borrowed from her friend. Just look at her! Ben has a suit he wears for interviews and all manner of occasions, and his shoes are the ones his father wore at his own wedding back in the ’90s. The location and backdrop, I’ve come up with.

I’ve done this several times for my couples. If you’re worried about the prettiness of your wedding venue, I’ll help you with that. Get dressed up again, and we can add a layer of oomph (I love that word!) to your wedding photos. They look amazing don’t they?! And these memories are timeless.

Let’s talk about how stunning you’ll be!


Love Dee xx




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I don’t normally have my picture taken.  But I look at the ones Denise has taken and I think “wow, I look great! How did she do that?”


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